Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fans reeling as car crash horror hits Doc Martin: ...viewers' horror at plot twist in latest instalment of family-friendly show

  • Louisa Glasson, played by Caroline Catz, hit by car in last night's show
  • Fans turned to Twitter to express their shock at the dramatic plot line
  • TV campaigners said it was inappropriate for a show known for its gentle storylines

Fans of family-friendly TV series Doc Martin turned against the programme’s makers after a violent car crash formed a plot twist in the latest instalment of the usually sedate show. 

Many of the six million viewers – including children – were left horrified after Doc Martin’s wife was unexpectedly hit by a car, prompting many to vent their distaste on social networking sites.

Following the accident, which left Louisa Glasson, played by Caroline Catz, with a broken collar bone, a viewer wrote: ‘I wasn’t expecting that! Not sure my nerves can take it!’

Another wrote: ‘Louisa getting hit by that car looked so real.’ 
Others said: ‘That car hitting Louisa made me scream out loud!!’

‘Doc Martin- My heart literally just stopped. Why Louisa?’

It comes a week after Downton Abbey fans were left appalled by a violent rape scene, which critics condemned as a ploy to make the  drama more exciting. 

Meanwhile TV campaigners said the twist in the episode of Doc Martin was inappropriate for a series that has a reputation for offering inoffensive content suitable for children, even though it was shown after the 9pm watershed. 

Pippa Smith, co-chairman of campaign group Safermedia, said: ‘It was far too graphic even if it was on at 9pm. We also know that children will be watching.

'It is not the sort of thing you would expect from this series and seems to be following a recent trend towards harder more unpleasant story lines as we have seen in the normally gentle Downton Abbey. 

'This is not entertainment.’ 

And Vivienne Pattison, director of  MediaWatch, urged broadcasters to consider using warnings ahead of unusually graphic scenes. 

Last night an ITV spokesman said: ‘Details of the storyline had been trailed in advance of transmission.’

In the show, Louisa Glasson was seen chasing after her husband Doctor Martin Ellingham, played by Martin Clunes, after they had rowed. 

Blowing on a plastic whistle and shouting after his retreating figure she is seen running across a country road when a car unexpectedly appears and smashes into her causing her to roll onto the bonnet before tumbling to the ground. 

Doc Martin, now in its sixth series, is set in a sleepy Cornish seaside town and stars Martin Clunes in the title role. It airs on Mondays between 9pm and 10pm.

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