Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Doc Martin – Listen With Mother Review: Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz shine in an episode focusing on Martin and Louisa’s lack of commuincation SPOILERS

Over the past several weeks, I’ve complained about Doc Martin feeling a little bit formulaic especially in regards to the episode-long plot involving the diagnosis of a new patient. However, tonight’s episode is completely different in that it only focuses on the core group of characters. It wraps up some stories, continues others and reignites one passion that could cause problems for our central couple.

But, as it stands, Martin and Louisa are having enough issues when the episode starts as his mother’s arrival has stirred up more issues for the Doc. He’s still having problems sleeping and now he’s losing weight due to the fact he has no appetite. Meanwhile, the consistent presence of his mother Margaret in his life is doing him no favours especially seeing as she still hasn’t revealed what she’s doing in Portwenn. Ruth attempts to get the truth out of her but she isn’t forthcoming with a reply and instead insults her sister-in-law. As the episode goes on it’s clear that Martin is losing it and hasn’t even remembered that he’s to be the guest of honour at the local school sports day. Martin is also forced to deal with an anxious Mrs Tishell, who’s having issues with pains in her joints and asks the Doc to look her over. As he begrudgingly agrees to examine her he discovers fatty deposits throughout her body and reveals she has angina. Following a check-up at the hospital, Mrs Tishell presents Martin with flowers and chocolates for helping her to spot the problem. With the chemist seemingly obsessed with Martin once again, it appears as if the Doc best watch out. But for now at least he has to repair his marriage, as he infuriates Louisa when he refuses to give any sort of speech at the Sports Day. Instead, he decides to hand out the medals to anyone who wants them and when Louisa runs away from her husband she is hit by a moving car. A worried Martin rushes to hospital with Louisa, but she claims that she wants to be on her own.

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