Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Doc doesn't make a good patient

WITH the Doc struggling after the loss of his father – although Martin, naturally, says it doesn't affect him – Louisa suggests a break (Cornwall's nice this time of year), so they can get away and spend some time together.

But Martin doesn't want to – he'd rather it was just business as usual. However, when his mother notes he isn't looking very well, he discovers he's lost a lot of weight.

Convinced there's something wrong with him, he becomes obsessed with testing himself. His urine samples look lovely on the kitchen dresser.

Heading to the chemist for supplies, he notices Mrs Tishell holding her jaw. She frostily claims she has toothache but, later that day, experiences the pain again while moving boxes.

Realising the Doc was right, she heads to the surgery, where Martin diagnoses angina.

But Mrs Tishell hears not a word he says. Smitten by the hand-holding and the staring into his eyes, she falls head over heels in love with the Doc again. The same thing happened with our cat and the vet.

Elsewhere, Martin's asked to say a few words and hand out the medals at the school sports day.

But, on stage, Martin is silent, the sports mistress eventually stepping in.

Storming back to the surgery, as Louisa runs after him shouting at him to stop, she is hit by a car.

Source: This is Staffordshire HERE