Monday, April 29, 2013

A fan's cool moment!

This is a great photo of Caroline Catz and a fan!

The Twitter original can be found HERE.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twitter of Interest

A Twitter account has been set up for The Old School Hotel in Port Isaac. It features a few behind the scenes photos and there may well be more to come. Here's one of their pictures of the filming schedule.

Check out The Old School Hotel Twitter feed and more photos HERE!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Filming Schedule

A fan on one of the discussions boards popped into Port Isaac and got a bit of information about the upcoming filming schedule. Here's what they had to say!

Filming on the first three episodes will take place as follows:

Fri 26 April 8am - 7pm - around the School Hotel and Halwyn House

Tues 30 April 8.30am -11am Fern Cottage, then Fore Street in the afternoon

Wed 1 May 8am - 7pm In morning near Port Gaverne Hotel, and in afternnon near Boat House stores

Thurs 2 May 8am - 7pm Port Gaverne,and the Edge Restaurant

Fri 3 May 8am -7pm Near the Pea Pod and Sibbys Rose Hill in the afternoon

Tues 7 May 8am - 7pm in and near Pride of Place all day

Thurs 9 May 8am - 11am Fern Cotage on Roscarrock Hill, then back in the studio.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Couple of Photos

The fan photos are starting to filter through!

Check out the Flickr Stream of ellenthemelon for more HERE!

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Casting News


The following link contains photographic SPOILERS!

You've been warned!

Be strong! Don't look!!


If the link doesn't work, go to Facebook and search "Doc Martin Fan Club Photos".

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Clunes ready for Doc Martin wedding

Martin Clunes and the cast of Doc Martin are preparing for a wedding, as they return to Cornwall to film the new series of the hit ITV show.

The end of the last series saw the grumpy doctor pop the question to long-suffering love interest and local school headmistress, Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz) and the new series will reveal if he actually goes through with it.

Continue the tale HERE.

Did he really pop the question?!

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A Novel Idea

Doc Martin fans will get two extra chances to visit the village of Portwenn after publishers Ebury snapped up the rights to two novelisations based on the hit ITV series from literary agency PFD.

Continue reading HERE and find links to Amazon HERE.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunday Express Interview with Martin Clunes about Series 6

KCET: Some Doc Martin Season 6 News

It's right there in the headline, so if you've made it this far, you're entering "Doc Martin" spoiler territory at your own risk.

With the distinct possibility that the sixth series of "Doc Martin" may be the last ever, you have to wonder if the creators may be trying to tie up some loose ends. That may have prompted a bit of location scouting news reported recently in the U.K. Express: a church has been chosen for Martin and Louisa's wedding. The 12th-century church, St. Nonna's, will probably look familiar to "Doc Martin" fans, however, because it's also where Martin and Louisa failed to get married back at the end of season three. So, in the end, this is only a potential spoiler, and there's every reason to guess that the couple's second trip to the altar will also end badly. 

Read the rest HERE.

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St Nonna's Church is just the right TV setting for saying 'I do'

A Cornish church known as the "cathedral of the moor" is set to star on prime time TV this autumn, after being declared a suitable venue for Doc Martin's wedding.

The production team behind the ITV drama visited St Nonna's Church in Altarnun, in north Cornwall yesterday morning, in a tour of a number of locations for the story filmed in and around the fishing village of Port Isaac.

Read the rest HERE.

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Stars-in-arms needed to play grumpy Doc Martin's baby

Babies from the Westcountry are needed for the next series of ITV drama Doc Martin when filming starts again in Port Isaac this spring.

Production company Buffalo Productions is looking for babies born between October last year and January to play the part of grumpy Doc Martin's baby in series six of the drama set in the fictional Cornish fishing village of Port Wenn.

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