Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Doc Martin Episode Five: Selina Cadell shines as Mrs Tishell returns to the village and causes problems for Martin and Louisa

One of my primary criticisms of last week’s Doc Martin was that there was no continuation of stories set up in the previous episode. Thankfully, this week’s instalment is slightly more story-orientated as we witness the return of Mrs Tishell, the chemist who was obsessed by Martin, as well as the continuation of the Doc’s blood phobia. At the same time, I feel the show relies too much on comedy stories, most of them involving PC Penhale in some way.

Mrs Tishell’s reappearance in the village following her stay in a psychiatric hospital is indeed giving a couple of Portwenn’s residents a few sleepless nights. Top of this list is Louisa who can’t seem to get to sleep due to her worries about Mrs Tishell’s behaviour. Obviously Louisa is right to worry as, when she was last in town, Mrs Tishell ended up kidnapping James. Martin is also struggling to sleep as he is still worrying about the fact that his blood phobia has returned. Both of the Ellinghams come to Ruth about their problems and in turn she tries to deal with them. Ruth attempts to allay Louisa’s fears by agreeing to speak to Mrs Tishell while she agrees to refer Martin to a specialist who will be able to deal with his phobia better than she can. Eventually Mrs Tishell returns to the pharmacy and is instantly outraged by the way that Jennifer has changed things around. Ruth soon arrives at the pharmacy and is glad to see Mrs Tishell is using certain coping strategies to deal with her feelings. When Louisa accidentally runs into Mrs Tishell she is quite short with her and accidentally reveals that she and Martin had recently got married. Though Mrs Tishell claims to no longer have feelings for Martin, it seems that she’s visibly shaken by this news.

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