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Episode Two - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner SPOILERS!!

This little snippet is taken from What's On TV. I would have thought this information was embargoed until the 3rd of September,  but maybe they know something I don't. So, here it is - a bit about Episode Two - SPOILERS!

An attempt by the grumpy doc to be sociable ends in disaster when he invites Dennis Dodds, the chairman of the board of governors at Louisa’s school, over for dinner.

Louisa already considers Dennis to be a pain in the neck and when he and his wife, Karen, arrive for dinner looking like they have had a few drinks beforehand, the evening can only go from bad to worse, especially when Martin airs his views in the nursery while the baby monitor is on in the living room!

It is the culmination of a terrible day for Martin who is already in the dog house with Louisa, first for causing the new nanny to quit by telling her that her constant scratching is down to an infection common in fat people, and by then leaving James with Mike Pruddy who had only come to check the electrics!

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Doc Martin's close to....SPOILERS!

Sitting down to enjoy an ale at a cosy Cornish pub, Martin Clunes chuckles to himself as he recalls a poignant moment he was reminded of recently.
"We had a party during the first series of Doc Martin and I said to someone, 'I could very happily do this for the next 10 years if we have the chance'."
And that's exactly how things have panned out. Clunes can raise a pint to the monumental successful of the comedy drama which was first screened in 2004 and is now back for a sixth series.

Visitor attraction
Based on the tricky and truculent GP, who lives in the idyllic village of Portwenn, Doc Martin has become something of a worldwide phenomenon.
It's spawned a novel, numerous spin-offs and an army of devoted fans who travel from all over the world to Port Isaac, on the north coast of Cornwall, to see where the series is shot.

"We get so many Americans and Australians and Kiwis, it's extraordinary," says 51-year-old Clunes, who's enjoying some downtime following a promotional photoshoot earlier in the day.
"You can get two or three hundred people watching. It's nice, they're very on-side. It's not like filming in London where people beep their horns and try to ruin your shot."

Disgruntled locals
There have been some difficult times, however, with certain locals taking umbrage with the filming.
"For the last five or six years I felt semi-loathed when I was in the area," the actor reveals. "You know, people trying to extort money from us in one way or another, or very public displays of public dissatisfaction with us."
Clunes, his wife Philippa Braithwaite, who's one of the show's producers, and the rest of the Doc Martin team have always tried to be sensitive about shooting in such a small village, he insists.
"It's one of the reasons we don't film it every year. Anyway, I don't want to be dragged into that," he says.

Wedding bells
As friendly as Clunes is, there's a touch of bristle to some of his banter, his conversation dotted with numerous one-line responses. Perhaps he's just cautious about giving away too many plot lines.
The last series ended with the Doc and his long-suffering love interest Louisa's son James being kidnapped by the well-meaning but deranged pharmacist Mrs Tishell.
Their baby returned safe and sound, the nightmare actually brought the couple closer together and the opening of the new series sees the Doc donning his wedding suit.
"We really wanted to hit the ground running and they had to [get married] because it's the only thing they haven't done," says the former Men Behaving Badly star.

Motherly love
Wedding and honeymoon over, the couple hire the services of a male nanny to assist them, but it's not long before the trials and tribulations of married life begin to weigh heavily on the Doc.
"He does get a little unhinged. And the blood phobia comes back and then his mum [played by Claire Bloom] comes back and that's worse than any phobia," he adds. Will viewers see him unravel?
"I think you might see him as close to unravelling as you've ever seen him, yeah," says Clunes.
Earlier this year the actor was forced to take two weeks off - "which is sort of unheard of" - when he was taken ill with a viral infection. "It left me with no stamina. I couldn't cross a room, couldn't walk the dogs certainly, and couldn't really eat," he says.

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Martin Clunes: 'Doc Martin is the last good job in television!'

Doc Martin star Martin Clunes talks to TV Times magazine about Louisa and Martin finally getting married, and his worries about viewers turning off the hit ITV series when it returns on Monday...

How does it feel now that Doc Martin and Louisa have finally reached this moment?
"We knew that from the word go, people latched onto the romantic intent with these two, so every time we sit down to think of a new series and where things will go, that’s the thing that gets put in place first – how are Martin and Louisa going to get through the next series? And then the rest just bolts on. It seems to be the central thing that people tune in for."

These two have been off and on since the very first series! Are you worried about what fans will think now that they're actually getting married?
"Viewers might just switch off! 'We don’t need to watch any more!' I don’t know – we’ve never gone in for happy resolutions. It’s always dysfunctional. But it is an unusual first episode, because it’s the wedding and honeymoon and it’s just the two of us. I think people will like it."

We hear the wedding pretty much goes to plan… What happens next?
"We try and disappear from our own wedding reception because the villagers have all just come for the free cider!"

What else happens for Doc Martin this series, aside from the marriage?
"His blood phobia returns, and his mum comes back. That’s worse than any phobia!"

After six series, is the show becoming harder to write?
"It’s always been tough – it’s never been easy. The main protagonist doesn’t like anyone, and no one likes him. So where do you go?"

Can you see there being a seventh series?
"Yeah, I think so. I mean, those are quite big 'ifs', and these are uncertain times. But we’ve done it before, and this is the last good job in television!"

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Episode One Photo Roundup!

A big thank you to Leannethemouse for the tip about the following delightful photos from Episode One! The ones of Louisa and Martin in the church are cracking!

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Episode One - Sickness and Health - SPOILERS!!!

Wedding bells are ringing for the Doc and Louisa. But will the marriage finally go ahead? The Doc is irritated by PC Penhale, who wrongly presumes he is best man, plus Louisa is late... The Reverend has his doubts as to whether she will turn up, putting Martin on edge. But she does, looking beautiful and at long last they tie the knot.
Later at the wedding reception Martin is even more irritated by the swarms of villagers who have turned up to celebrate; he thought it was going to be a small wedding. Louisa gets defensive; she thinks it is lovely that the villagers have turned up to wish them well. They try to sneak off early from the party, but Bert reveals he is driving them to a secret location for their wedding night. Louisa is thrilled thinking that Martin has arranged the surprise. But it is actually a present to them from the villagers. Ruth offers to look after baby James Henry for the night.
The honeymoon lodge is in the middle of nowhere and is perfect, apart from Bert driving off with their suitcases. They light a fire and settle down to enjoy a glass of champagne, but smoke fills the room, the chimney is blocked. They manage to put the fire out, but the room is ruined. Martin charges off into the night to find some help; Louisa teeters behind him in her wedding dress and heels, trying to keep up. As time ticks by, it is getting darker and Martin and Louisa start to bicker; Louisa is adamant they are lost.  They hear a blood curdling scream and a man shouting. Martin is terrified, but Louisa is a country girl and knows it is just a farmer scaring off foxes.  She perks up; where there is a farmer, there must be a farm house, and a phone.
Ruth is having a hard time looking after James. He refused to eat his dinner and he won’t settle, crying continuously. To make matters worse, they have a power cut.  Ruth calls Al out, but he is unable to fix the problem. Al calls a mate to help. PC Penhale notices the candle burning at the Doc’s and comes to see if everything is alright, trying (uselessly) to help. Bert comes round to see how Al is getting on; it’s a full house Finally Al’s mate, Mike Pruddy, arrives - he was an electrician in the army. The lights are fixed and Mike is a dab hand with children. He points out to Ruth that James is teething and some vanilla essence applied to the gums soothes him. James falls asleep, much to Ruth’s relief.
Instead of a farmhouse Martin and Louisa find an old, shambolic caravan. In the dark Martin stumbles over a chicken hatch, breaking it and the chickens escape into the woods. A crazy old man called Bellamy orders them to sort out his coop, waving a shot gun. Nervously Martin tries his best, whilst Louisa runs about trying to collect the chickens. Martin does such a bad job that Bellamy takes over. Martin has to hold the pole in place, but as Bellamy is swinging his hammer, Martin moves. Bellamy over shoots and pulls his shoulder out of its socket. Martin quickly puts his shoulder back in place. But then Martin knocks over the front porch of the caravan which collapses onto Bellamy. Blood is pouring from the wound and Martin has to perform emergency surgery with Louisa by his side. They save Bellamy’s life, and the disaster brings them closer together.
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The ITV Presspack - Caroline Catz as Louisa Glasson - SPOILERS

The stunning wedding gown Caroline Catz wears for her character’s long-awaited marriage to Doc Martin hides a multitude of secrets.

The ivory lace and silk satin dress, by award winning London designers Belle and Bunty, had to have thermal padding, and be long enough to cover the white trainers she wore underneath.

“There was all sorts of criteria for the dress. A lot of the first episode is filmed at night, and Louisa and Martin get into all sorts of scrapes. So the dress had to have sleeves and could fit thermals into it to keep me warm. This one dress filled all our criteria,” says Caroline, who found the bridal shop near her London home.

“It was a beautiful, romantic dress and I fell in love with it, and loved wearing it. It’s a thirties style with fine lace bodice and sleeves, lined in silk georgette, and a silk satin skirt, trimmed with satin covered buttons. My veil was decorated with tiny silk flowers, and Icarried a small simple posy of seasonal flowers.

“We had to have four dresses made; one really good one for the wedding and others in various stages of demise.

“I had three pairs of pretty ivory satin wedding shoes trimmed with diamantés. But I also wore stacked white trainers so I would still be the right height.”

Caroline admits she couldn’t have been more thrilled when she read the script for the first episode about the wedding scenes.

“I had always wondered what would happen if they were really together, and made a go of the relationship.

“We left Martin and Louisa last time having decided that they are going to make a go of their relationship. The baby had been kidnapped by Mrs Tishell and that was a bonding moment for the couple after they had done a lot of dithering about their future together.

“When Mrs Tishell took the baby that changed the game completely. Then they realised how much they wanted to be parents together, and how much they wanted to be together.

“So we start the new series with them actually making a go of it this time for the first time ever. We have always avoided it before, and undercut the idea of them actually properly being together.

“There have been moments where it has almost happened but it always messes up. This is the series where we try that out and they try to be together. It is frustrating for both of them. The fun in the writing of this series is there is so much between them; they love one another, and you really believe they do, but they are such different individuals.

“Every episode you see them trying harder and harder to make it work. The chaos element for the Doc of having another two people in his life, and we are all living in his house which is probably not the best choice in the circumstances, but that is the choice they have made for all the practical reasons of running the surgery.

“They have baby James and they have to make it work. It is not as if they don’t love one another, they do. They really do have to find a way through their differences, but there is a stubborn streak with both of them.

“Part of the fun of playing this role for me is that Louisa is constantly making the same mistake. Every encounter she has with Martin she thinks she can improve him. It is absolutely ridiculous, she can’t.

“Louisa particularly wanted to have a white wedding because it is traditional and she liked the idea of getting married in her beautiful local church and trying to put right what went wrong in the first wedding. But Martin hates the idea.”

The villagers are all invited to the wedding which was filmed at St Nonna’s Church in the tiny hamlet of Altarnun near Bodmin, known as the ‘cathedral of the moors’. It was a freezing cold day and everyone was wrapped up to stay warm until the cameras rolled. The villagers spring a honeymoon surprise on the newly weds by paying for them to stay ina romantic hunting lodge deep in the forest.

“Martin and Louisa wanted to take a quiet honeymoon later in the year. But here they are being taken on this magical mystery tour by Bert Large chauffeuring them through Bodmin Moor.

“The idea of being taken on this odyssey is quite romantic. But of course the person taking them is Bert, who is not really the most reliable. It has chaos written all over it, and both Martin and Louisa are very sceptical.”

Their fears are soon realised when they are left alone in the remote lodge, and things start to go horribly wrong.

“I have always loved doing the series because you get this chocolate box backdrop but really what goes on is complicated; a little darker side of the village than you’d imagine it to be. Odd and quirky things happen which are always surprising. You never know when those moments are going to come up, and that is the joy of the series.”

Louisa a faces another dilemma when the nanny she’s hired to look after James when she returns to work as the local school headmistress is driven away by Martin’s rude remarks. Mike Pruddy, a former soldier, with years of experience of looking after his younger siblings steps into become the new nanny. While Martin approves of Mike’s very ordered approach to baby care, Louisa is less than convinced that he’s right for the job.

“Louisa doesn’t really like the idea of Mike having a bond with her baby. I think going back to work when you have had a baby is a hard thing to do. It is a terrible wrench. Anybody spending time with the baby when she can’t, it is going to be difficult for her.

“It is very hard for Louisa to leave James with Mike. She does a very good job, but she finds it painful to be away from her baby, which I think all mums everywhere will relate to.”

With a son, Sonny and daughter Honour, Caroline knows just what it is like for working mums to have to leave their children. But her children have the bonus of being able to visit mum in Cornwall during their school holidays.

“We have been going to Cornwall for nine years. My kids have spent all their summers here. The years in between filming the children have said ‘can we go to Port Isaac?’ They really love it. It has a very special place in our hearts now.

“What’s brilliant about doing a job like this is that you get the best of both worlds, without having the responsibility of having to buy somewhere here in Port Isaac. We love living in London but we also have a camper van to get out of the city. You need to get to the sea at times when you live in London.”

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The ITV Press Pack - Martin Clunes as Doctor Martin Ellingham - SPOILERS!

Martin Clunes reveals how Doc Martin is making a thank you gift to the people of Port Isaac for the loan of their picturesque village for the filming of Doc Martin.

“For four months of the year we take over the village to make the series and we decided to give something back to the community for ‘borrowing’ the village for several months during the spring and summer and welcoming us each time, and putting up with us,” says Martin.

“So we are donating a percentage of the profits from the series to a special Trust Fund setup to benefit the community.

“Undoubtedly Doc Martin has changed the character of the village. It has done the business and tourist industry a lot of good, and brought people into the village. But withthat comes the fact the locals lose a bit of peace some times. It felt we should give something back to the village.

“Port Isaac has changed dramatically since we first started filming in the village. On a fine day there are thousands of people who come to watch us. The number of people who come to see us now is phenomenal, particularly people from America.”

A primary school in the nearby village of Delabole, which is used to film the classroom scenes for Portwenn School was also given a donation to create a nature trail, which Martin officially opened.

“Local people have been very kind to us. When I returned to filming after a bout of illness early in the shoot people said some sweet things to me about hoping I was feeling better because they’d heard I had been ill.

“I had a viral infection which left me with no stamina. I couldn’t cross a room, couldn’t walk the dogs certainly, and couldn’t really eat, so I had to take a couple of weeks off. I haven’t had a day off work because of health ever, until this recent illness.

“Luckily there were all these bits in the schedule without me so they could shuffle it up the filming order and schedule all my stuff to a later date. I am fully recovered, back on top,
and a stone lighter.

“I always try to lose a bit of weight before I play Doc Martin. But I have lost so much weight this time, nearly three stone since January, that I had to have new suits for the role.

“The costume department couldn’t just alter the existing suits, there was too much to takein. I have put back some weight, but I’m happy about that.”

The opening of the new series sees the Doc putting on a suit for his wedding to long time love Louisa Glasson.

“At the end of the last series there was a genuine resolve from them to make their relationship and family life work, and in the gap between then and the start of the new series they have decided to get married.

“It is as scary as any marriage is on the day, but seems the right thing to do. There are incidents on the honeymoon, but they emerge from all that drama unscathed as a couple. The challenge this series is to make them live together and to get on in whatever way they can, or can’t.

“The day we filmed the wedding was freezing, in a freezing cold church. I have never known it that cold. It was meant to be summer, with everyone dressed skimpily. We went onto film three nights in the woods, which was even colder.”

It is not long before the trials and tribulations of married life begin to weigh heavily on the Doc.

“Slowly the Doc feels crowded by his symptoms; his blood phobia starts to come back, and then everywhere seems noisy and unpeaceful. Whilst he loves his son he is often messy and tiresome and has care issues all of which gets in the way of being Doc Martin.

“He keeps getting things wrong and in his frame of mind he convinces himself it must be a medical problem so he tries to self diagnose. He does ECG, urine tests, blood tests, and keeps weighing himself.

“I think he is aware that he has to deal with it somehow but he feels he is not equipped to deal with it and withdraws into himself, which frustrates Louisa and makes her feel she is banging her head against a brick wall with him whatever she tries.

“It reaches a sort of crisis point when he is at last able to ask for help from Aunt Ruth, who is the only person in the world who can give it to him.

“This series is a real roller coaster with more surprises than we have ever had before in lots of ways. We have lent on the other characters more so it is not just the Doc and Louisa. There are storylines for the other regular characters, while still keeping the bones of doc Martin.”

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The ITV Press Pack - The Overview Bit! SPOILERS!

Wedding bells are ringing in Portwenn as Martin Clunes returns to Cornwall to play the nation’s favourite grumpy medic in a brand new series of Doc Martin for ITV.

Martin Clunes reprises his role as Dr. Martin Ellingham, the GP with a brusque bedside manner and a phobia of blood, in eight new episodes of the enormously successful drama produced by Buffalo Pictures and set in the idyllic hamlet of Portwenn.

All the regular members of the cast return for this popular series, filmed in the picturesque North Cornwall village of Port Isaac.

Caroline Catz plays Doc Martin’s long-suffering love interest and local school headmistress, Louisa Glasson. At the end of the last series the couple’s baby boy James was kidnapped by well-meaning but deranged pharmacist Mrs Tishell. The nightmare brought them closer together and prompted a marriage proposal from the Doc to Louisa,
for a second time.

Eileen Atkins is Doc Martin’s formidable Aunt Ruth. She doesn’t suffer fools, just like her nephew, and doesn’t think twice about taking on her neighbours and creating confrontation. In the new series Aunt Ruth decides to move out of the isolated farmhouse she inherited from her sister and into the village after an incident which unsettles her.

Ian McNeice returns as local restaurateur and handyman, Bert Large, with Joe Absolom as his tolerant son Al. With the restaurant struggling to stay afloat Bert dreams up another money making scheme which means Al having to give up his room and look for somewhere else to live.

John Marquez plays bumbling local police officer PC Joe Penhale, who seems to create more problems than he solves as he attempts to instill law and order into the community.

Jessica Ransom is the doctor’s scatterbrained receptionist, Morwenna Newcross, who’s looking for love online with surprising results when she meets her internet date.

Annabelle Apsion (Shameless, The Village, A Mother’s Son) joins the cast as the new pharmacist, Jennifer Cardew, who re-kindles a romance with Bert Large. Claire Bloom(The King’s Speech, New Tricks, Trial and Retribution) plays the Doc’s mother who arrives with sad news for her son. Guest stars include Paul Moriarty (George Palmer in EastEnders, Doctors, Ashes to Ashes) and Ronald Pickup (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Lark Rise to Candleford).

As the new series begins Portwenn is buzzing with arrangements for the wedding of theDoc and Louisa. Will they finally tie the knot, or will the villagers have to put the confetti back in the box again?

Martin Clunes says: “It was great to be back on the beautiful North Cornish coast to shoot series six of Doc Martin. Our challenge this series will be to force Louisa and the Doc to live happily together with baby James.

“The Doc is as obstinate as ever though, and viewers will just have to wait and see whether their wedding will finally go ahead.”

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Moody medic Doc Martin is back in rude health - and he just loves Delabole!

Doc Martin may be the grumpiest GP ever, but he sure is popular - all over the world. The new series will treat viewers to a good dose of marriage and meltdown, the show’s star Martin Clunes tells Susan Griffin
Sitting down to enjoy an ale at a cosy Cornish pub tucked away on Bodmin Moor, Martin Clunes chuckles to himself as he recalls a poignant moment he was reminded of recently.

“We had a party during the first series of Doc Martin and I said to someone, ’I could very happily do this for the next 10 years if we have the chance’.”

And that’s exactly how things have panned out. Clunes can raise a pint to the monumental successful of the comedy drama which was first screened in 2004 and is now back for a sixth series.

Keep reading HERE at Western Morning News.

TV Choice Interview SPOILERS

It’s taken a while, but loyal fans finally get the happy ending they’ve longed for as Portwenn’s grumpy medic makes an honest woman of fiancée Louisa in the new series of Doc Martin. The pair called off their original wedding plans at the last minute back in 2007 and baby James has subsequently arrived, so it’s a relief they’ve made it to the altar at last. But don’t expect the day to go smoothly…. TV Choice caught up with screen groom, Martin Clunes…

How was it filming the wedding?Absolutely freezing, there were night shoots as we’re supposed to be stuck in the forest.

That sounds fun…After the wedding party, Doc and Louisa get caught by Bert Large and a group of villagers who have taken it upon themselves to put the newlyweds in a lodge for one night, but they get lost…

You said that the last series of Doc Martin might be the last…Did I? I must have been let out on my own that day! It’s so hard to write because we don’t want to stand in the same place each series, it takes up most of Philippa’s [Martin's producer wife] year.

You’ve had great guest stars over the years and Claire Bloom returns this series…Yes, she plays my mother and she turns up at the wedding to tell the Doc that his father died two weeks earlier, and that she forgot to ask him to the funeral. It’s not a functional family.

How does he react to that?He has a nervous breakdown… slowly.

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Martin Clunes: 'It doesn’t sound promising, a show about a cranky doctor’

Martin Clunes is turning a blind eye to the Doc Martin “stalker” who lurks in the choir stalls of St Nonna’s, a pretty Norman church in the Cornish village of Altarnun. While he poses for pictures with his co-star, Caroline Catz, the matronly gatecrasher – who has flown in from Texas to loiter around the set – is trying to merge into the background.
“Don’t say anything,” Clunes whispers. “She’s not doing any harm.”
Later, as we sit in the pews together, he explains his tolerance of rubber-neckers. “As long as they don’t get in the way of filming, it’s not a problem. And without the fans, where would we be?”
Doc Martin appears to attract an extreme kind of fan, and the fishing village of Port Isaac (doubling for the fictitious Portwenn) where the show is mostly filmed, is running alive with them. They applaud when Clunes arrives, and shop for syringe-shaped pens and mugs decorated with a shot of the grumpy medic at a Doc Martin store.
“People come from all over the place – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America. I think it’s wonderful that they have such a strong reaction to the show.”

Keep reading at The Telegraph HERE.

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Laughter is the best medicine

HE IS the poker-faced GP with the rudest bedside manner, but getting hitched is clearly just the tonic for Doc Martin. Actors Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz laughed in delight as they shared a joke during filming. 

The Doc weds headmistress Louisa Glasson in the upcoming sixth series of the ITV hit set in Cornwall. As these exclusive pictures show, the heart-warming nuptials scene, shot in April, was a chilly affair with Catz, 42, wrapping up between takes.

Their on-screen vows end the will-they-won’t-they saga that has enthralled fans. Clunes, 51, let slip the plot last year when he revealed: “Louisa and the doctor are finally going to marry, I think. But I don’t want to give too much away!”

Keep reading the rest HERE at Scottish Express.

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Episode One Review - Time Out London

It might have started out as a three-way pun involving the popular boot boy footwear, the profession of its main protagonist and the christian name of its star. But ‘Doc Martin’ is into a somewhat implausible sixth series now and tonight we begin with something as close to a bang as this curious show gets. For a start, Martin Clunes’s titular lead is getting married to the long-suffering Louisa. But that’s just the half of it as the couple’s honeymoon turns first disappointing and then nearly disastrous.

Odd to say for such an enduring series but it feels like ‘Doc Martin’ still struggles with its tone – at times it seems to aim for sitcom chuckles, at others a degree of dramatic heft. Still, Clunes is likeably lugubrious and it makes a pleasant change to see a primetime ITV drama that doesn’t seem too desperate to please everyone.

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ITV Publicity Shot

Here's a stunning ITV publicity shot.
Click on the image to view a larger version.

Behind the Scenes Spoiler Photo

Here's your first lovely spoiler image from ITV. 
Click on the photo to view a larger version. 

Martin Clunes teases the new series of Doc Martin

 Martin Clunes reveals how Doc Martin is making a thank you gift to the people of Port Isaac for the loan of their picturesque village for the filming of Doc Martin.

Keep reading the article HERE at The Custard.

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Episode One - Sickness and Health

Just as soon as the publication embargo is lifted on Tuesday 27th August, you'll be able to find a detailed description of Episode One - Sickness and Health, right here! Personally, I won't be reading it, but if you like spoilers, it'll be right up your ally!

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Possible UK Air Date?

The TV Guide Freeview, has a listing for Doc Martin on Monday 2nd September at 9pm. Could this be the Series 6 premiere? Might just be!

Source: HERE

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The Official Trailer

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Official Pics are Coming!

Two absolutely amazing pictures from ITV are coming on Thursday! Trust me, it'll be worth the wait! (Unless you are totally spoiler free, then you're gunna hate them!)

The countdown begins!

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The Press Pack is Coming!

The ITV Press Pack is now available at the ITV Press Centre! There is an embargo on the sharing of this information in the public domain until the 27th August. So keep an eye out on the 27th of August for the Press Pack in full, right here!!

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Doc in Real Life....Full article contains Series 6 SPOILER


Doc Martin star Martin Clunes became a real-life medic – and stopped his wife from having an operation. Clunes, who is married to the show’s producer Philippa Braithwaite, described the idea as “nonsensical”. Clunes, who has played doctor Martin Ellingham in the ITV drama for nine years, said: “She had an infection in her gall bladder and the surgeon was minded to take out her appendix. "There was no infection in her appendix and instinct told me that it would be the wrong thing to do. "So I took her home instead and she was treated there. As Philippa’s husband, it was my prerogative to do this. "But when I was chatting to hospital staff they handed me her medical notes to look at in a way they might not have with an ordinary member of the public. “I do wonder whether there wasn’t some confusion between me and Doc Martin.”

Keep reading HERE. But be fairly warned, there is a Series 6 spoiler in the rest of the article.

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Daddy Doc

"What's on TV" has some photos from the British Autumn television line up. Here's on of the Doc being a dad!

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Story Time

This photo features on the Facebook page of Cornwall Libraries, with the following caption:

"Sue looks very pleased to be in the arms of Martin!

It all happening in Wadebridge Library! Buffalo Pictures set the scene for 'Doc' Martin Ellingham to reluctantly take baby James to Millie's Play Time."

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The Doc

I'm not sure if this is a recent image or not, but I liked it, so here 'tis!

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The Happy Traveller

Below are a couple of photos from the blog of some visitors to Port Isaac. You can read a recount of their adventures HERE.

TV doc's visit is a treat for staff and patients

ONE of the most famous doctors in the UK was seen in action at the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Truro.
The television character Doc Martin, played by Martin Clunes, filmed a series of shots at the hospital, with Truro Golf Club providing the parking for the whole TV crew.

Read the rest HERE.