Thursday, October 3, 2013

6.6 Hazardous Exposure

The Doc’s blood phobia is getting worse, as is his consequent insomnia, which is also beginning to disturb his wife Louisa in the marital bed. Maybe it’s time he saw that psychologist his Aunty Ruth recommended, particularly when there’s an unfortunate and very public incident involving Doc Martin, dopey police officer Penhale and a staple-gun. Penhale (John Marquez) causes widespread panic in Portwenn after jumping to conclusions about an asbestos scare.

But nothing is quite as terrifying as the sight of Martin’s poised, chilly mother (played by Claire Bloom) who turns up on his doorstep with some news which, if delivered to any sentient human being other than Martin (Martin Clunes) being would be cause for thoughtfulness and sadness. But not the blithely unempathetic Doc, oh no. Not in a million years.

 Hypochondriac Malcolm Rayner is struggling with his breathing and Martin asks him if he has ever worked with asbestos. Penhale then spreads pandemonium by putting up warning notices about the substance's harmful properties throughout the village. Meanwhile, Bert pops the question to Jennifer, and Ruth finds fault with Al's business proposal. Guest starring Christopher Fairbank (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet).

Source: Radio Times HERE