Thursday, October 17, 2013

Departure - Episode Eight SPOILERS!

That cranky carapace cracks just a little as the Doc faces the repercussions of the painful events in the last episode. His marriage looks wounded beyond repair and he’s stuck at home in pretty Portwenn with only his ghastly, grasping, emotionally exploitative mother for company.

It’s the final episode and, as Doc Martin has never been a series that would ever willingly give in to the fervent hopes of its devoted audience (just think how long it took Martin and Louisa to marry) fans must brace themselves. Pour a stiff drink, find some worry beads and prepare to hold the hand, mentally, of this most difficult of men. He needs your support.

Martin Clunes is great as Martin and, even if you’re ambivalent about the appeal of his flinty personality, you’ll need a heart of concrete not to feel his every flinch of pain in an unexpectedly touching finale.

Source: HERE at RadioTimes