Saturday, October 12, 2013

6.7 - Listen With Mother

The gloomy Doc Martin becomes gloomier still as his many problems crowd in. He’s not feeling well, he’s lost a lot of weight and he becomes increasingly obsessed by the idea that something is badly wrong. A case of physician, heal thyself, surely?

And married life is a bed of thorns rather than roses as Louisa becomes unsettled and unhappy in the marital home. Their relationship takes a serious knock when Martin (Martin Clunes) behaves disgracefully at the school sports’ day and at last Louisa (Caroline Katz) is forced to take a long, cool look at their relationship.

It seems that, very soon, Martin will have even more cause to be curmudgeonly.

The doctor becomes convinced that something is wrong with him following a conversation with his mother, and Louisa's attempts at getting him to open up about the loss of his father prove futile. Mrs Tishell goes to the surgery for advice regarding a pain in her jaw, only to find herself falling in love with Martin all over again. Elsewhere, Al receives a visit from two military policemen who are trying to track down Mike Pruddy.

Source: RadioTimes HERE.