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Portwenn is Agog...Warning...Spoilers and Negativity

Portwenn is agog – Mrs Tishell, the overwrought pharmacist in a neckbrace whose morbid sexual obsession with Doc Martin led her to kidnap his baby son, is back in the village. She’s still in a neckbrace, but, apart from worrying an elastic band around her wrist (part of her treatment) she seems reformed and contrite. Louisa and Martin, though, aren’t so sure.

This series has exercised even die-hard fans, if RT’s letters page is anything to go by, with grumblings particularly about its lame farcical elements. There’s more damp comedy tonight in a couple of those Doc Martin sub-plots that can barely summon the energy to lift their heads from the pillow – dim PC Penhale goes all Bear Grylls on a survival exercise, and Al tries internet dating. You won’t need a map to follow where the stories lead… Meanwhile, Bert tries his luck with a lady.

Obsessive-compulsive Mrs Tishell returns to the village, and her affection for Martin quickly disappears when he refuses to pass her fit for work. As if he didn't have enough on his plate, the grumpy doctor must also face his fear of blood when tests show that Lorna has a high level of ferritin, which is placing a strain on her heart and liver. Meanwhile, PC Penhale hopes to be selected for an elite police squad by taking part in a survival training course - but ends up shooting himself in the foot.


Mrs Tishell's Back in Town...

The return of Mrs Tishell causes a stir in Portwenn, and while Louisa is concerned about the presence of the obsessive pharmacist, Mrs Tishell herself is anxious to get back to work and resents the supervision of Jennifer. But when Martin refuses to contact the Pharmaceutical Board to allow her to work unsupervised, will her attitude to Martin change...?

Meanwhile, love is in the air for Bert as he asks out Jennifer, but Al gets more than he bargained for when he goes on a blind date. Martin's blood phobia remains a concern as he treats an ailing beachcomber, and Penhale finds himself in serious trouble when he goes on a survival course as he attempts to make the grade for the elite police squad...

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Episode Six - Hazardous Exposure

Hypochondriac Malcolm Rayner is struggling with his breathing and Martin asks him if he has ever worked with asbestos. Penhale then spreads pandemonium by putting up warning notices about the substance's harmful properties throughout the village. Meanwhile, Bert pops the question to Jennifer, and Ruth finds fault with Al's business proposal. Guest starring Christopher Fairbank (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet).

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Doc Martin Series 6 Episode 5 - The Practice Around the Corner Trailer

Episode Five - The Practice Around the Corner Preview Clip

Episode Four Review

Spoiler alert: this blog is for those who have already seen Episode 4 of Series 6

A fast-moving episode this week presents at least six unusual medical cases to be diagnosed by Dr Martin (Martin Clunes) while he laments the stupidity of his flock. He may leave his patients unsure whether to be grateful or offended, but many a viewer must yearn for such an adept GP in their own local surgery.
Which is what this series does so well – it entices viewers to imagine themselves living in this magical place: Britain may be proud of its heritage of tight-knit provincial communities with their unconventional characters but, nowadays, where do most people live? In suburban estates or city blocks or towns hit by the recession with bleak high streets. Yes, I’ve been watching Robert Peston. Small wonder so many tune in to escape for an hour to idyllic Portwenn.

And indeed the main storyline starts with Dr Ruth (Eileen Atkins) moving into the village. From next door emerges John Moysey, disagreeable recluse, played by the redoubtable Ronald Pickup. Ah! – I anticipate plenty of interaction to savour between these two. Moysey quickly makes his stance against neighbourliness clear, but Ruth cannot help feeling concerned about him and keeping an eye out.

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Episode Five - The Practice Around the Corner

Bert has romance on his mind, and Mrs Tishell returns... There’s an air of anxiety and trepidation looming over Portwenn this week, as both Martin and Louisa nervously await a certain resident to return to the village. Mrs Tishell has completed her course of treatment after she snatched baby James, and is back working in the pharmacy. Aunt Ruth pops in on behalf of Louisa to see how she’s coping, and it seems Mrs Tishell isn’t 100 per cent recovered from her episode just yet… Meanwhile, Al tries his hand at internet dating, with mixed results, Bert asks Jenny (Shameless’s Annabelle Apsion) out on a date – to his own restaurant! – and Pc Penhale embarks on a spot of ‘wilderness training’, which obviously proves to be a complete disaster!

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Episode Four - Nobody Likes Me

If you just can't wait to see episode four, a quick search of DailyMotion may prove profitable! If using a phone (like me at the moment), try HERE

Episode Five - The Practice Around the Corner

Louisa is having problems sleeping. She is worried about Mrs Tishell coming back to the village and presumes this is why Martin is up too. Martin tells Louisa she shouldn’t be worried about Mrs Tishell’s return, but this doesn’t put Louisa’s mind at rest. The next day she goes to see Ruth, who eventually agrees to pop in on Mrs Tishell. 
Penhale embarks on a survival course in the middle of the Moors in his bid to be selected for an elite police squad. With just his initiative and Buddy the dog, he has to find his way back to Portwenn. But Buddy deserts him and in trying to shoot a rabbit for dinner he accidentally shoots himself in the foot. Using a tip from an out of date survival book he dresses the wound with moss, but that makes it worse. After a night on the moors and in increasing pain Penhale makes his way back to Portwenn by hitch hiking. He gets dropped off at the Doc’s, who is aghast to find the spaghum moss packed tightly into Penhale’s wound. The spores could have caused blood poisoning. 
Lorna Gillott has trodden on a shard of glass whilst beach combing. The doc notices that Lorna’s ankles are a little puffy and tells her to lay off the salt. He also chastises her brown skin and tells her to wear some sun screen. 
Mrs Tishell returns to the village and frostily meets Jennifer, the locum pharmacist.  Mrs Tishell goes upstairs to her room and is confronted by her homage to the Doc, she pings an elastic band on her wrist and slowly takes down the pictures. Later that day Ruth comes to see Mrs Tishell, who notices the elastic band, part of Mrs Tishell’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Louisa goes to check Mrs Tishell out for herself. It is awkward, Mrs Tishell is still weird, but no weirder than before. It puts Louisa’s mind at ease. Mrs Tishell can’t stand to be supervised by a locum pharmacist and asks the Doc to contact the Pharmaceutical Board to say she is safe to return to work, without supervision. The Doc refuses, he is not her psychiatric doctor. Something snaps in Mrs Tishell and her burning flame for Martin is snuffed out and turns into hatred. 
Al and Morwenna are getting along well living together. Things are looking up for Al on the love front, he has an internet date that evening. Bert, inspired by Al’s internet date, asks Jennifer out on a date too. Al goes to meet his blind date and randomly bumps into Morwenna at the pub, they have a lovely chat but it slowly dawns on them that they are there to meet each other! Things get very awkward, very quickly and they make a hasty exit. Things are just as bad the next morning and Al decides to move out. He plans to go back to his dad’s, but when he sees Bert having a cosy date with Jennifer he realises that he can’t go back home. Penhale offers Al his spare room, which Al reluctantly takes. 
Lorna goes to the chemist to get something for her energy levels, she is feeling tired all the time.  Mrs Tishell notices that her ankles are swollen and tells her to see the Doc, her cut could be infected and swelling up. Martin examines the cut, it isn’t infected, but her ankles are definitely swollen. He tells Lorna that she could have something wrong with her heart or liver. Lorna has been bottling up her health worries and cracks when the Doc tells her this. Her joints are really painful, she has been feeling so tired and she is worried she has arthritis, which crippled her mother. She needs to use her hands to make jewellery.
Ruth visits Martin. She thinks his blood phobia and insomnia could be related and recommends a doctor he could speak to. Louisa overhears and is hurt that Martin confided in his aunt and not her.
Lorna collapses on the beach. Her blood results show she has a high level of ferritin in her blood. The excess iron has burnished her skin, put a strain on her liver or heart which resulted in her swollen ankles and collected around her joints. Her condition can be cured by draining the blood - something which Martin struggles to do.

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Gone but not forgotten


Understandably, episodes of Series Six have disappeared from YouTube. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did! I didn't post these episodes to YouTube, merely linked to them if they existed.

But do not dispair. Good things come to those who wait...and wait....and wait....

Episode Four Preview

Family life is invading Martin’s once tranquil existence, clutter and noise is everywhere. Louisa wants Martin to engage more with James. She arranges for Martin to take James to play group and has to sing songs with the other mums whilst the annoying Millie shoves a dirty sock puppet in James’ face. The parents have to pair up, James and the Doc are put with mum Trace and daughter Shona. Trace confides in Martin, she is worried about Shona as she is slow at grabbing objects, but Martin infuriates Trace by saying that Shona is probably just backward.

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Doc Martin: The Tameness of a Wolf – Series 6 Episode 3 Review

Spoiler Alert: this review is for those who have already watched Episode 3 of Series 6

After a couple of atypical episodes, Doc Martin returns to form with a full-blown romp, this time with the spotlight on Dr Ruth. Not only must she conjure up advice on the local radio for unseen callers with relationship difficulties, she is also being courted by someone who “dares not show his face”. As expected, Eileen Atkins gives an excellent performance, both touching and comedic.

The irony of Ruth offering advice on normal human behaviour is clearly underlined when she makes a pitiful attempt to celebrate her own birthday. Louisa (Catherine Catz) rescues her, gamely giving her a one-sided hug, and prodding Martin (Martin Clunes) into action. Whereupon he invites his aunt to the most dispiriting birthday lunch ever. Viewers must hope that Ruth fares better with psychiatric cases, as one appears to be just around the corner…

On a lighter note, newly installed childminder Mike (Felix Scott) must go one-on-one with Baby Ellingham – who is clearly taken by him – and wants the blue brick on the top row as well… Hopefully his parents stop trying to find fault with Mike, but should the arrangement go bust gazillions of viewers would doubtless try to sign Mike up for their own kids.

Despite such great support, Louisa is stressed out and snaps at everyone. The good doc remains remarkably unperturbed, accepting that she misses spending all day with James Henry, whereas I think she is jealous of Mike’s winning ways. He only loses his smile when facing the ditzy Morwenna (Jessica Ransom). Do these two have a past – or a future?

Even at work Louisa is uncharacteristically stressed by 10-year-old Becky (an impressive Lily Light), the ambitious editor of the school newspaper. After eating chicken at the Large Restaurant, Becky suffers stomach pain and vomiting, and Martin suspects food poisoning. But a “pooh-pooh” test demonstrates this was not food poisoning after all, and that Becky has an ulcer. Sorry to nitpick but this is unlikely. When do GPs test stool for one day’s worth of stomach upset? Would a negative test mean Becky has an ulcer, etc? The manner in which Louisa handles Becky’s now libellous restaurant review does not convince me either.
But that is a small lapse in an otherwise wonderfully executed episode, that gradually builds up a picture of how weird Ruth’s stalker is, before plunging him into Ruth’s cottage. Indeed, the moment when he appears behind her in the bathroom mirror would give any viewer the creeps. Bob (Paul Moriarty) may look like butter wouldn’t melt, as Ruth tries to coax him into behaving nicely. But when Martin calls him a psychopath to his face – in neat juxtaposition to Ruth’s technique – he soon shows how quickly he can flip.

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Doc Martin - Series Six Episode Four - Nobody Likes Me Trailer

Episode Four - Nobody Likes Me - Spoilers!

Family life is invading Martin’s once tranquil existence, clutter and noise is everywhere. Louisa wants Martin to engage more with James. She arranges for Martin to take James to play group and has to sing songs with the other mums whilst the annoying Millie shoves a dirty sock puppet in James’ face. The parents have to pair up, James and the Doc are put with mum Trace and daughter Shona. Trace confides in Martin, she is worried about Shona as she is slow at grabbing objects. Martin infuriates Trace by saying that Shona is probably just backward.
Al helps Ruth move into a cottage in the village. She meets her new neighbour, Mr Moysey, a grumpy old man who doesn’t want Ruth pestering him. When Mr Moysey goes to get a repeat prescription for his asthma. The Doc checks Mr Moysey over and notices that his breathing has worsened. Mr Moysey is irritated, he just wants his prescription, not to be poked and prodded. Whilst he is at the Doc’s his nose starts to bleed. Martin advises him to stop using nasal decongestants. 
Al admits to Ruth he wants a girlfriend. Later that night Al asks Morwenna if she has any single friends who may be interested in dating him. Morwenna asks her friend Janice if she would like to go on a date with Al, but Janice is less than impressed with this suggestion. He decides to sign up to Cornish Couples... a dating website. 
Mrs Eddy comes in to see the Doc with a “malignant mole”, she is sure it is going to kill her. Martin says it is actually a raised lymph node, caused by a localised infection, which for some reason has a dark colour to it. He discovers that Mrs Eddy has a home made Do Not Resuscitate tattoo which has become infected, the dye has travelled to the lymph node staining it blue. Her elderly friend Ethel has done the same. Whilst the Doc examines Ethel he notices she has a rodent ulcer on her neck. Rodent ulcers are cancerous, but luckily easily removed. 
Bert helps Jennifer move into his place. Everything is going well until he catches her with a needle in the bathroom.  When he questions her about it she fobs him off by saying she is diabetic, but this doesn’t add up to Bert, she has lots of sugary food in the fridge. Bert thinks Jennifer could be a drug addict and investigates. Jennifer is acting strangely and has started wearing an eyepatch, when pushed by Bert, she is forced to reveal a droopy eye. Bert is worried for her, she could have had a stroke or have a brain tumour. He makes her go to see the Doc. The Doc examines Jennifer, her eyelids won’t close which could lead to an ulcerated eye. After seeing a puncture mark on her skin, the Doc realises the stupid woman has paralysed her eye muscles by giving herself botox. Jennifer feels a fool but Bert takes her for a drink, telling her she is still as pretty as the day he met her. 
Ruth’s ceiling collapses and she calls Al out. He discovers there is a slow leak in the roof coming from her next door neighbour -Mr Moysey. They go round to his house to see if they can stop the leak, but Mr Moysey shuts the door in their faces. Ruth enlists the help of Penhale and they finally gain access. Al manages to find the leak and they discover that Mr Moysey’s house is filled with piles of paper, plastic and tin cans everywhere. He is a hoarder. 
Mr Moysey goes back to see the doc. He is still getting the nose bleeds and is feeling tired, exhausted, like a bus has run over him. The doc prescribes some anti inflammatories and tells him to come back in a week if the symptoms persist. 
Penhale asks the Doc if he can borrow Buddy to train him to be a sniffer dog. Buddy proves to be a naughty little rascal, running off with the decoy stuffed toy. 
Millie drops round a photo of the Doc and James with Trace and baby Shona taken at playgroup. The Doc takes one look at the photo and spots that baby Shona has a cataract in one eye (as one eye has red eye - the other doesn’t). He refers her to an opthalmology unit to have it operated on. 
Ruth hears Mr Moysey collapse next door and gets Penhale to break into Mr Moysey’s. Martin is called round and discovers contusions on his chest. He is confused, then sees cans everywhere. He questions Mr Moysey about his diet, he only eats food from tinned cans, no fresh fruit or vegatables. Martin checks Mr Moysey’s gums, they are swollen and spongey. Martin can’t believe it, Mr Moysey has scurvy!

Doc Martin Episode Three: Eileen Atkins shines in an episode focusing on Ruth’s new radio career and a potential secret admirer

During my review of last week’s Doc Martin I said that I felt Eileen Atkins should get a lot more screen time as Martin’s Aunt Ruth. Little did I know that this week would see Ruth take centre stage, as she finds success through her radio show before battling with a face from the past. I personally found it great having much more of Atkins, but at the same time it meant that I was slightly disappointed with this week’s subplots.

Unbeknownst to Ruth, her problems start when a man is found in a boat, presumably suffering from hypothermia. The man, later identified as Robert Campbell, is taken into see Martin who gets a little queasy while taking Campbell’s blood. Robert soon quizzes Martin about his surname and is seemingly interested in Ruth’s whereabouts. While Morwena is distracted, Robert sneaks out of the surgery and we later see him spying on an oblivious Ruth. Meanwhile Ruth is tempted back onto the radio by Caroline who is desperate to have an expert on the show who actually knows what they’re talking about. During her show, Ruth takes a call from Robert who asks her about what he should do about telling the woman he loves how he feels. Ruth instructs Robert to be upfront and tell the woman how he feels, but little does she know that she’s the woman in question. Robert is the man responsible for the rose left on Ruth’s car as well as the birthday cake that is delivered to her house. Ruth attempts to tell Martin about her theories regarding a secret admirer but he laughs them off. It’s only when he receives Robert’s blood tests that he connects his patient to his aunt, but it may be too late to stop him.

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Episode Four - Nobody Likes Me

Louisa wants Martin to engage more with James, so she arranges for him to take their baby to playgroup, where he has to pair up with a mother and daughter and sing songs. Meanwhile, Al signs up to a dating website, Bert is suspicious when he catches Jennifer in the bathroom with a needle, and Ruth moves into a cottage in the village, but soon has trouble with a grumpy new neighbour (Ronald Pickup).

Source: RadioTimes

Doc Martin Meets the Boss Series 6

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Doc Martin Series 6 Episode 3 - The Tameness of the Wolf Trailer

Episode Two - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Episode Three - The Tameness of the Wolf SPOILERS!

Two fisherman wake the Doc and Louisa at the crack of dawn -they found a man collapsed on the beach. Martin examines the mystery man. His name is Robert Campbell. When Robert realises the Doc is Dr Ellingham, he starts to probe Martin about his family. Martin doesn’t engage. After examining the man he gives him some rehydration salts and asks Morwenna note his details for the results, but Robert disappears before she has the chance.
It’s Mike’s first day looking after James. Louisa is frosty with him. When she gets to school she can’t help but feel uneasy and sneaks back home to check up on Mike - they are fine. Al moves into Morwenna’s. 
Robert is in the village and stops dead in his tracks when he sees Ruth. Later when she is having a coffee with Caroline (who is trying to persuade her to do another radio show), Robert is spying on her. When Ruth returns to her car she finds a red rose on the windscreen. she is unsure who it can be from and is a little unnerved. Robert follows Ruth up to her farm. Ruth isn’t sure why, but she is feeling uneasy. 
Martin examines Becky Wead, she has an upset stomach and blames it on a meal she ate at the Large restaurant. Becky has written all about it in an article for the school newspaper and goes to press without Louisa proofreading the article. Becky hands out copies of the school newspaper to the whole village. Bert and Al are furious. They go to see Louisa wanting something to be done, but Louisa really doesn’t need this stress. As they head home Bert sees someone he used to know trying to get into the chemist. Jennifer Cardew is the new locum pharmacist and is staying at the Crab and Lobster. But Bert manages to persuade her with the offer of cheap lodgings to come and live with him.
The next day Ruth leaves the farm early for the radio phone in. She pops in to see Martin, it’s her birthday and arranges to have lunch with him later that day. Robert is in the local shops and hears that Ruth will be on the radio. Knowing that she is at the radio station, he phones into the show from her house. Robert asks Ruth if he should tell the woman he loves that he loves her. Ruth tells him yes.
Martin tells Becky Wead that her stomach pains are from an ulcer not food poisoning. The article she wrote was a complete lie. 
Ruth arrives home from the radio interview to find a birthday cake on her kitchen table. She presumes it was Martin. But it wasn’t. Ruth admits to Martin that she thinks she has a secret admirer who is putting her a bit on edge. Martin is shocked that she could have an admirer at her age. Martin confesses to Ruth that his hemophobia is back. Ruth tells him it is because he never dealt with it properly in the first place. 
Martin gets the results in from Robert’s blood test, he has diabetes and needs to be contacted immediately. Morwenna doesn’t have his details. She calls Penhale  who is checking a car blocking an entrance to a field . It’s Robert’s car and Penhale finds a copy of Ruth’s book inside, with obsessive notes written all over it. Martin realises something is wrong and races to the farm.
At the farm Ruth hears something upstairs, the bath is running. She goes to investigate and Robert reveals himself. Robert is a former patient of Ruth’s and is in love with her. Ruth calmly tries to deal with the situation. Martin arrives which spooks Robert and causes him to barricade the door so no one can get in. Martin breaks through, explaining to Robert he has diabetes and needs treatment. Penhale arrives which stresses Robert out even more. Ruth tells Martin that perhaps he needs to give Robert some sedative drugs, rather than diabetic drugs first. There is a tussle and Martin  is cut by a knife but Ruth manages to jab Robert with the sedative.

Loose Women - Martin Clunes

Doc Martin Series Six Episode Two : Martin Clunes continues to shine in a clichéd but enjoyable instalment of the comedy drama

So it seems that everybody loves Doc Martin as over a thousand of you read my review last week while the opening instalment was viewed by over 7 and a half million people. I feel the popularity of it is down to the familiar faces, setting and story which every week sees the grumpy titular doctor having to help the people of his small village with their various ailments. But, as tonight’s episode proved, sometimes the comedy in Doc Martin is a little clichéd and there were at least two stories tonight that I’ve seen on countless shows before.

The first of these involves the awkward dinner party in which the boss is invited round to dinner only for chaos to ensue. The boss in question is Dennis Dodds, head of governors at Louisa’s school, and the man she needs to impress if she wants to get the gym extension the school desperately needs. Responding to the fact his wife doesn’t think he can interact in social situations, Martin invites Dennis and his wife around to their house for dinner. This invitation just adds to the Ellingham’s problems as childcare has now become an issue due to both of the couple resuming their work. Initially they employ Mel, who apparently is the only person in the village who’ll do the job, but Martin doesn’t like the way that his new babysitter itches. When he examines her he finds that she has a rash under her armpits and puts it down to poor hygiene. However Martin starts to make cutting remarks about Mel’s weight and cleanliness, which eventually leads to her departure and sees Martin left holding the baby. When Mike returns to secure the electrics, Morwenna reveals how good he was with baby James and Martin agrees to let him have a go at being childminder. Mike’s trial as babysitter is a success and Martin admires his military precision when it comes to organising all the kitchen gadgets.

Keep reading HERE at Unreality Primetime.

Why does the nation love miserable Doc Martin?

All The World Loves a Miserable Git. I’m sure my granny had that sewn on a sampler, along with “She’s No Better Than She Ought To Be” and “I’ll Take One Of You To Hit The Other With”. Ah, grannies, they see and know everything, and have sayings for every occasion.

There’s something about miserable gits that’s almost challenging. They dare us to make them bask in the sunshine of our own winning personalities, and to bloom like flowers under the warmth of our love. Surely no one can stay a curmudgeon when absolutely charming people like you and me poke through their armour?
I’m convinced this is what keeps audiences returning to Doc Martin (Mondays, ITV), this hope that though Dr Martin Ellingham is a miserable git nonpareil, one day he will crack, that viewers telegraphing their adoration through the ether will perform some kind of osmotic personality transformation.

While I’ve never actually approached strangers at bus stops to ask, “Do you like Doc Martin and why?”, I’ve always been fascinated by its huge success because it does nothing for me. I find Ellingham a wearisome, one-note character (though I love Martin Clunes, who is a peerless comic actor) and his wacky Cornish neighbours underwritten, sub-Ealing Comedy stereotypes.

Martin never changes, he never grows, he just is. He scowls, he’s unpleasant, he lacks empathy to a degree that is surely borderline autistic. You’d think his personality would have worn down everyone around him to husks. Yet his patients in the village of Portwenn adore him and he’s found someone to love (the sunny village’s sunny schoolteacher Louisa) and who loves him back, who’s even had a child with him and, last week, after a false start or two, married him.

But really, Ellingham doesn’t have to move on, because, like viewers, TV loves a miserable git – think of every tormented cop ever and comic figures Tony Hancock and Rigsby from Rising Damp – because there’s always the possibility of change. I bet a goodly chunk of Doc Martin’s female audience think, “If only he met me, I’d put a smile on his face.” I don’t mean in a saucy way (or do I?) but I can’t see why audiences keep returning to a character who never budges unless they hold out the hope that he might, one day, soften.
The cute Cornish location is a draw, of course. But I’ve met Doc Martin fans who live close to Port Isaac, Portwenn’s real-life location, so the whole escapist thing doesn’t work for them because they don’t need to escape anywhere, they live it.

Maybe Doc Martin’s success also has something to do with a very British kind of wish, just once in a while, to cast off good manners and say exactly what you think without heeding the feelings of others. There’s a certain, horrible joy in being rude to people if they’ve asked for it, or even if they haven’t, and Ellingham is rude to everyone in a way that’s breathtaking to watch. A bit like Victor Meldrew from One Foot in the Grave, but without the wit.

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A glimpse of our Doc

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Birmingham Mail's not so flattering preview...

Now that he’s a father, it was only a matter of time before this humdrum drama did the ‘ooops, we forgot the baby monitor was on,’ scene.

With Louisa (Caroline Katz) back at work after maternity leave, and realising how much of an anti-social grump everybody thinks her new husband is, she convinces him to attend the school concert where Martin (Martin Clunes, below) adopts a social convention and invites somebody over to dinner.
The guest is a total bore and when he turns up drunk, with his much younger squeeze in tow, it’s a recipe for disaster.

But then nothing ever goes to plan in the Ellingham household. And with childcare now an issue, it opens up a whole host of TV-staples for the scriptwriters to unimaginatively choose from.

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Caroline Catz: 'Louisa tries to make Martin sociable!'

Caroline Catz talks about what life has in store for Doc Martin and Louisa, now they're finally husband and wife...

Doc Martin and Louisa have finally tied the knot. Did you go into Bridezilla mode when preparing for their wedding?
"It was a bit like that, as we did fitting after fitting for the wedding dress! The wedding dress gets a story, so you see it gradually get broken down. We had to make four dresses, as we had to keep making adjustments to them, which meant lots of fittings. When they put the veil on I looked in the mirror and went weirdly teary!"

How was it filming the wedding scenes?
"Filming the wedding scenes was amazing. It was quite overwhelming to be in this beautiful church and for Louisa and Martin to be tying the knot after all these years of waiting. It's been a long time coming!"

Doc Martin shoots are known for being cold affairs. How did you stay warm?
"It was really cold when we were filming it and there were some night shoots too! You wonder, how is it possible to be warm in a wedding dress? But we found ways! Luckily the dress we chose could fit thermals under it."

Doc and Louisa have had a few false starts. Were you surprised they finally made it down the aisle?
"We thought it was time for them to finally get together and have some fun with that. That's what is brilliant about the series and why it works so well - it's not done year on year on year and people run out of ideas and scrabble around for storylines. We have a two-year gap so there's time to work it out."

So what unique problems does Louisa face now she’s a married woman?
"She's back at work so there are lots of difficulties there. There are also lots of fun scenes where she’s tries to make Martin more sociable. It doesn’t really work but bless him, he does try! I admire her tenacity. Louisa has a great love for him and great faith in their relationship."

Source: What's on TV

Episode Two - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

It is Louisa’s first day back at school and their new child minder, Mel, is late for work. When Mel finally does arrive Martin is dubious about handing James over to this woman who is constantly scratching. That evening Martin has to go to the school concert. He tries to be sociable and ends up inviting Dennis Dodds over for dinner. Dennis is the chairman of the school’s board of governors and in Louisa’s opinion he is a pain in the neck.

A bit of behind the scenes stuff

Doc Martin in the US

Doc Martin is set to air on Acorn TV in the US, on October 7th. New episodes will be shown each week on a Monday in October and November.

Here's an exclusive clip of Martin announcing the premiere on Acorn.

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Episode Three - The Tameness of the Wolf

A secret admirer makes Ruth feel a little uncomfortable when he places a red rose on her car windscreen and then leaves a birthday cake on her kitchen table while she's at the radio station. Meanwhile, Bert is furious when one of Louisa's pupils writes a damning review of his restaurant in the school newspaper, and a new pharmacist arrives in the village. Annabelle Apsion (Shameless) joins the cast.

Source: Radio Times

Doc Martin Series 6 - Episode 1

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Doc Martin - Series 6 Episode 2 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Trailer

Series Six - Episode Two

After the excitement of last week’s wedding, back to more prosaic fare for episode two: the titular doc reckons James’ latest nanny might have hygiene issues; PC Penhale anonymously gathers some advice from Ruth that prompts a dramatic personality change; and Dennis’s apparent fondness for drink turns out to be something altogether more serious and difficult.

As much live-action tourist brochure as TV drama, ‘Doc Martin’ continues to be as undemanding and old-fashioned as always, while raking in viewing figures that must be the envy of series both more prestigious and nakedly crowd-pleasing. But this sort of gentle farce-cum-melodrama is much harder to pull off than it looks. To its credit, ‘Doc Martin’ makes it look very easy.

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Episode One Reviews

"DO you, Louisa Roberta Glasson, take Martin Christopher Ellingham to be your lawful wedded husband?"

Click on the links to read a few reviews of Episode One - Sickness and Health. Some good, some not so much!

Martin Clunes on Daybreak (02/09/2013)

ITV’s Doc Martin featuring a B&B Wedding Dress

Tonight sees the return of ITV’s hit show Doc Martin to our screens. After 10 years filming and now in its 6th series, the show is loved by many worldwide and figures reached a whopping 10 million in their last series.

For avid watchers you may have seen photos in the press recently and already know about the impending nuptials of Doc and his long term girlfriend Louisa. Well, for even more avid viewers and B&B fans you may have taken a closer look at her wedding dress and recognise it slightly?!?! Yes. Its one of ours!
We were approached by Les, the show’s Costume Designer, and Caroline Catz {who plays Louisa} a few months back to create them a wedding dress for the show and we were thrilled to make {4} custom silk crepe Darcey Dresses.

Below is a selection of some of the press that the new series has generated this week alone and with a crazy variety of twists and turns planned in the episode {there will be blood, water and muddy woods amongst other perils!} we’ll be watching on the edge of our sofas!

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Doc Martin: Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz shine in the return of this escapist comedy drama

With the possible exception of New Tricks, all of the drama I seem to watch at the moment is quite dark in tone. From Southcliffe to What Remains via The Returned and Top of The Lake; all the recent drama has a fairly sinister tone with very little humour thrown in for good measure. I feel there needs to be a lot more of a good balance in drama and that’s where something like Doc Martin comes in. Though I’ve never followed the Martin Clunes drama particularly closely, it seems that it has a lighter tone to the majority of its contemporaries. Indeed, tonight’s episode has very little plot structure and plays out more like a comedy of errors than an instalment of a drama series.

Anybody who’s seen the preview pictures for this new series will know that Doc Martin Ellingham is finally getting married to his long time sweetheart Louisa Glasson. In true Doc style he doesn’t spend a lot of time getting ready nor has he bothered recruiting a best man. However, nobody has told PC Penhale about Doc’s lack of a best man as he resumes the responsibility both at the wedding and later at the reception. As the gathered guests, along with those who won’t invited, wait impatiently, Martin realises that Louisa might not show up after all. Just as he’s about to leave the church, she arrives and ushers him back up the aisle. In his usual impatient style, Martin goes ahead of the vicar’s instructions and slots the ring on his new wife’s finger in record time. It is only when Martin is asked to kiss his new bride that he really starts to smile and we see that Louisa is the one thing in his life that will probably make him happy.

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Episode Two - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? SPOILERS!!!!

It is Louisa’s first day back at school and their new child minder, Mel, is late for work. When Mel finally does arrive Martin is dubious about handing James over to this woman who is constantly scratching. That evening Martin has to go to the school concert. He tries to be sociable and ends up inviting Dennis Dodds over for dinner. Dennis is the chairman of the school’s board of governors and in Louisa’s opinion he is a pain in the neck.
The next day Martin insists the new nanny has a medical appointment to diagnose the cause of the itch. When he tells Mel the cause is aninfection which is common in fat people, she is furious and hands in her notice leaving Martin holding the baby. Martin has to look after James whilst trying to see to patients. Mike Pruddy turns up to check on the electrics, he is a natural with James and Martin gets Mike to look after James for the rest of the day. 
Ruth has been roped into doing a phone-in programme on Radio Portwenn with Caroline the DJ. A listener called ‘Cliff’ phones in saying he finds it difficult to make friends. ‘Cliff’ is really PC Penhale, but Ruth is unaware of this. Ruth gives Cliff some advice: to make friends you have to be nice to people, so Penhale goes into NICE overdrive.
When Louisa learns that Martin got a stranger to look after James, she is furious. The argument erupts just as Dennis and his wife Karen arrive for dinner, both looking like they have had a bit to drink. The dinner is a little awkward and Martin looks down on both Karen and Dennis for drinking, which irritates Louisa. When James starts crying Louisa goes up to check on him, telling Martin to come with her. Louisa admonishes Martin for being rude to their guests, but admits that both Dennis and Karen are annoying and have a drink problem.  As they head downstairs they enter a stoney cold silence and twig that the baby monitor is on... Dennis and Karen heard everything!
Morwenna is feeling lonely, she misses living with her grandfather. She is also struggling to pay the bills, so she decides to advertise for a lodger. But when Crystal and her boyfriend turn up or the room Morwenna quickly turns them down as completely unsuitable. Bert drops a bombshell on Al; he has rented out Al’s room to visiting tourists and Al is going to have to share a room with his old dad. After a sleepless night next to a snoring Bert, Al realises he needs to find somewhere else to live. He hears Morwenna is looking for a lodger. 
The next day PC Penhale is on his charm offensive in a bid to win friends. He flatters Dennis and even continues to be nice after Dennis accidentally crashes into his police car. Penhale presumes that Dennis is drunk as he is slurring and stumbling and asks him nicely to do a breathaliser test, but a furious Dennis won’t cooperate. Mr Nice Guy Penhale snaps and forces Dennis to do the test, which turns out to be negative.
Louisa feels tries to apologise to Dennis for the night before; but Dennis is full of anger after crashing into PC Penhale’s vehicle and being falsely accused of drink driving. They have an argument and Dennis falls off his balcony. Louisa calls Martin. Dennis isn’t seriously hurt, but Martin realises that Dennis has slow reflexes and has Parkinson’s disease, not a drink problem.

The Radio Times Wedding Album

A few more shots can be found HERE at Radio Times.

TV Preview: Doc Martin, STV, 9pm

While many of us still think Martin Clunes looks out of place if he’s not lounging around in his underpants, drinking beer and doing his best Homer Simpson impression, he’s certainly made a good go of serious dramas.

Clunes’ Men Behaving Badly days are behind him, but we do have a sixth series of Doc Martin.
As we catch up with the grumpy doctor, it looks like marriage is on the cards for him and Louisa (played by Caroline Catz). However, there are no shortage of problems, including PC Penhale, who wrongly assumes he is best man, and Louisa, who is running late.

Though the Reverend has his doubts as to whether she will turn up, when she does, hearts melt and at last they tie the knot.

We might have known Martin might struggle to keep a smile on his face for so long, even on what should be the happiest day of his life, and, sure enough, the reception proves irritating for him as swarms of villagers have turned up to celebrate; he thought it was going to be a small wedding.

Louisa is delighted so many have come to wish them well, and when she and her new husband try to sneak off early from the party, Bert reveals he is driving them to a secret location for their wedding night. Louisa might think Martin has arranged the surprise, but it’s the villagers’ gift on their big day. Located in the middle of nowhere, the honeymoon lodge seems perfect. Alas, Bert accidentally drives off with their suitcases, and a blocked chimney only adds to their woes.

But Clunes is convinced that a wedding was the right way to go for the couple, who last series welcomed their son into the world.

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Why Martin Ate His Wedding Boutonniere

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The Miserable Git

It’s two years since we last saw flinty curmudgeon Dr Martin Ellingham and when we return to the pretty Cornish village of Portwenn nothing has changed – he’s still a miserable git. Even the prospect of his much-anticipated wedding to his beloved Louisa doesn’t put a song in his heart. The couple’s first attempt at matrimony fell apart, but at last they are successful (this isn’t a spoiler, the nuptials are in the opening minutes).

The ceremony is smartly dispatched by a very impatient groom and we spend the rest of the episode with the happy couple (Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz) as they confront a string of disasters on a hopeless honeymoon. There’s not much of a story, just a series of increasingly weird and barely credible incidents. Back home Aunty Ruth (splendid Eileen Atkins) is babysitting, and has her fair share of troubles, too.

About this programme

1/8. New series. Portwenn is buzzing with excitement as the final preparations are made for the Doc and Louisa's big day. However, Martin is irritated by PC Penhale, who wrongly presumes he is best man - and to make matters worse, the bride is late. This isn't the first time the couple have tried to get married - will the villagers have to put the confetti back in the box again? Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz star in the hit drama, with John Marquez, Eileen Atkins and Ian McNeice.

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Cast and crew


Dr Martin Ellingham
Martin Clunes
Louisa Glasson
Caroline Catz
Ruth Ellingham
Eileen Atkins
Bert Large
Ian McNeice
Al Large
Joe Absolom
PC Joe Penhale
John Marquez
Morwenna Newcross
Jessica Ransom
Mike Pruddy
Felix Scott
David Ryall


Nigel Cole
Executive Producer
Mark Crowdy
Philippa Braithwaite
Jack Lothian

Pick of the Day: Doc Martin

DOC MARTIN looks like a bloke on the way to his own execution tonight as we kick off series six of ITV’s Cornish drama (9pm).

Turns out he’s actually on the way to his wedding, where he’s finally due to tie the knot with the lovely Louisa, the one I used to fancy until it dawned on me she looks like my sister-in-law, which kind of creeped me out.

The point, of course, is it wouldn’t be Doc Martin if everything went smoothly, so besides the Doc’s obvious discomfort at being part of such a public ceremony, you won’t be too startled when I tell you Louisa is nowhere to be seen.

Are they doomed never to get wed, this pair? Either way, I should warn you there’s a lot of blood in this episode, at least by Doc Martin standards (we’re not exactly talking Spartacus, I grant you) – plus a life-or-death drama before the end.

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Side Note: Is that the Doc Martin Online pic they've nicked?

There's great excitement down in Portwenn as every gets ready for a rather special occasion: The Doc and Louisa are getting married. Of course, this isn't the first time this pair have tried to tie the knot, and it's no surprise to hear that things aren't exactly going smoothly. Martin's having a bit of trouble with PC Penhale, who seems to think he's actually the best man, and Louisa seems to be taking that whole fashionably late thing a little too seriously for her groom's liking. Will wedding bells ever ring for these two?

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British Comedy Guide - Martin Clunes Interview

Martin Clunes talks about being ill during the filming of Series 6 of the hit comedy drama, how the production has arranged a thank you gift to the people of Port Isaac for the loan of their picturesque village, and what we can expect from the latest episodes...

Talking about Port Isaac, the real-life location which doubles for Portwenn, Martin says: "For four months of the year we take over the village to make the series and we decided to give something back to the community for 'borrowing' the village for several months during the spring and summer and welcoming us each time, and putting up with us," says Martin. "So we are donating a percentage of the profits from the series to a special Trust Fund set up to benefit the community.

"Undoubtedly Doc Martin has changed the character of the village. It has done the business and tourist industry a lot of good, and brought people into the village. But with that comes the fact the locals lose a bit of peace some times. It felt we should give something back to the village.

"Port Isaac has changed dramatically since we first started filming in the village. On a fine day there are thousands of people who come to watch us. The number of people who come to see us now is phenomenal, particularly people from America."

A primary school in the nearby village of Delabole, which is used to film the classroom scenes for Portwenn School was also given a donation to create a nature trail, which Martin officially opened. "Local people have been very kind to us. When I returned to filming after a bout of illness early in the shoot people said some sweet things to me about hoping I was feeling better because they'd heard I had been ill.

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Metro TV Picks

The doctor (no, not that one) and Louisa have another go at tying the knot.

Doc Martin, ITV, 9pm

Haven’t we been here, done this before? There’s a strong sense of déjà-vu wafting in the sea breeze over Portwenn as wedding bells ring out for the second time to celebrate the happy union of Doc Martin (Martin Clunes) and the long-suffering Louisa (Caroline Catz).

As the sixth series opens for business, they’re taking a second stab at tying the knot after their plans unravelled back in series three.

Quite why Louisa has shown such dogged devotion to miserable Martin is a bit of a mystery. Yes, he’s got a certain inept charm but he’s a grumpy old man before his time. Perhaps the prospect of Happy Ever After will put a smile on his face.

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Nothing new, but anyway....

Sitting down to enjoy an ale at a cosy Cornish pub tucked away on Bodmin Moor, Martin Clunes chuckles to himself as he recalls a poignant moment he was reminded of recently.

“We had a party during the first series of Doc Martin and I said to someone, ‘I could very happily do this for the next 10 years if we have the chance’.”

And that’s exactly how things have panned out. Clunes can raise a pint to the monumental successful of the comedy drama which was first screened in 2004 and is now back for a sixth series.

Based on the tricky and truculent GP, who boasts a brusque bedside manner and lives in the idyllic village of Portwenn, Doc Martin has become something of a worldwide phenomenon, spawning a novel, numerous spin-offs and an army of devoted fans who travel from all over the world to Port Isaac, on the north coast of Cornwall, to see where the series is shot.

“We get so many Americans and Australians and Kiwis, it’s extraordinary,” says 51-year-old Clunes, who’s enjoying some downtime following a promotional photoshoot earlier in the day.

“You can get two or three hundred people watching. It’s nice, they’re very on-side. It’s not like filming in London where people beep their horns and try to ruin your shot.”

There have been some difficult times, however, with certain locals taking umbrage with the filming.

“For the last five or six years I felt semi-loathed when I was in the area,” the actor reveals. “You know, people trying to extort money from us in one way or another, or very public displays of public dissatisfaction with us.”

Clunes, his wife Philippa Braithwaite, who’s one of the show’s producers, and the rest of the Doc Martin team have always tried to be sensitive about shooting in such a small village, he insists.

“It’s one of the reasons we don’t film it every year. Anyway, I don’t want to be dragged into that,” he says.

As friendly as Clunes is, there’s a touch of bristle to some of his banter, his conversation dotted with numerous one-line responses. Perhaps he’s just cautious about giving away too many plot lines.

The last series ended with the Doc and his long-suffering love interest Louisa’s son James being kidnapped by the well-meaning but deranged pharmacist Mrs Tishell.

Their baby returned safe and sound, the nightmare actually brought the couple closer together and the opening of the new series sees the Doc donning his wedding suit.

“We really wanted to hit the ground running and they had to [get married] because it’s the only thing they haven’t done,” says the former Men Behaving Badly star.

Earlier this year the actor was forced to take two weeks off - “which is sort of unheard of” - when he was taken ill with a viral infection. “It left me with no stamina. I couldn’t cross a room, couldn’t walk the dogs certainly, and couldn’t really eat,” he says.

Today he’s fully recovered, although a slimmer version of his former self. “I always try to lose a bit of weight before I play Doc Martin but I have lost nearly three stone since January,” he reveals.

And he was touched that some of the Port Isaac locals let him know he’d been missed.

“Your detractors are usually more vocal than your allies, aren’t they, but people have been so sweet saying that they’re pleased I’m well again,” says Clunes who, unlike the majority of cast and crew, stays in the nearby village of Delabole during the four-month shoot.

“I need to be tucked away, I have so many lines to learn,” he says.

He’s usually joined by his wife and daughter Emily, along with her pony, during the school holidays.

“It’s not picturesque like Port Isaac and it gets a lot of fog and rain but I love Delabole. I’ve never seen such a close-knit community,” he adds.

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Kathy Griffiths picks her TV highlight of the week

DON'T know the details of how they shoot this popular light-hearted drama but I can only imagine it features frequent breaks to allow star Martin Clunes to crack a smile.

He certainly never get the chance when he's playing the po-faced Dr Ellingham.

Every time I have seen Clunes interviewed or hosting Have I Got News For You? (and you don't get to that gig six times unless you've got a sense of humour) he seems a lovely jolly chap which much make it all the more difficult to play someone who is so buttoned up.

In fact, as we begin this sixth series about the ex-surgeon who has ended up in a picturesque Cornish village as the local GP he takes stony-faced to new extremes, especially when you realise he is preparing for his marriage to head teacher Louisa (Caroline Catz).

You might think such a momentous and usually joyous occasion would elicit if not a smile than at least less of a scowl. Well, think again.

Despite an almost romantic declaration of his love for Louisa at the end of the last series (helpfully repeated through the summer to remind us how we left things in Portwenn), he does not seem to be gaining any pleasure from making her his wife at long last.

As usual his life is made much more difficult by the assembled cast of buffoons that call the village home too – chiefly the extravagantly-chinned Bert Large (Ian McNeice) with his get-rich-quick schemes and PC Penhale (John Marquez) who can manage to turn the most harmless event into a disaster.

As you would imagine the wedding causes plenty of problems. "Who are all these people?" Doc asks gruffily about the assembled church congregation eager to wish him well. "Guests" his new wife explains.

If I were Louisa I think I would have taken that as my cue to shove my bouquet somewhere where he would need forceps to remove it.

Strangely she still seems to find his brusque manner appealing, I am afraid after five series it has certainly begun to lose its charm with me.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that life as a newly married man will mellow the good doctor a little bit to just stern headmaster levels of crossness.

Fortunately his aunt Ruth (Eileen Atkins) manages to offer us some hope. If she can manage to juggle compassionate with down-to-earth and sensible, there's no reason why Martin can't too.

Certainly he is pushed to extremes when the honeymoon goes badly wrong. Being stranded in the middle of nowhere by a series of unfortunate (and entirely preposterous events) can't be easy and surely the doctor had a right to expect a day which began by giving an awkward patient a smear test would only get better?

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Doctor in love: Martin Clunes' grumpy GP finally makes it .... SPOILERS!

IT'S been a long time coming, but fans of Doc Martin will finally see the wedding they've been waiting for.

After an aborted attempt to head up the aisle in season three, Dr Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) will marry on-of girlfriend and mother of his son, Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz), as the sixth season opens.
Martin Clunes says writers are simply responding to demand.

"It's what all the people who come up to me in the street say: 'When is the doc getting married?'" smiles Martin, 51, when we meet in a London hotel to chat about the series.

"So we decided that we'd start of with a wedding. That'll be their challenge - to stick at it as man and wife."
The ITV comedy drama about an irascible GP in a remote Cornish hamlet is staggeringly popular, attracting more than nine million viewers.

This eight-parter sees the return of regulars such as Eileen Atkins as Aunt Ruth and John Marquez as PC Joe Penhale, while Annabelle Apsion joins the cast as Jennifer Cardew, the new pharmacist and former fame of restaurateur Bert Large (Ian McNeice).

They were all guests at the wedding, filmed at St Nonna's Church in Altarnun, near Launceston, Cornwall.
"It was absolutely freezing," recalls Martin, who reveals Caroline Catz's wedding dress had thermal layers sewn into it.

The scenes reminded Martin of his own 1997 wedding to Doc Martin producer Philippa Braithwaite, with whom he has a 14-year-old daughter, Emily. Te pair own Buffalo Pictures, which produces the series.

"It did bring back memories, especially seeing a beautiful lady in a nice white dress and lots of flowers. Of course, people have shorter marriages than our on-screen relationship, so I can safely say that neither me nor the doc were unmoved by seeing Caroline appear in the doorway.

"She looked beautiful - she always does - and her dress was gorgeous."

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Doc Martin: The Sunday Mirror goes behind the scenes of the long-awaited new series SPOILERS!

The wardrobe truck carries a clue to the roller-coaster ­opening episode of the long-­awaited new series of Doc Martin.

Hanging on the rails are four identical wedding dresses, one pristine and the others in various stages of ruin – ripped, mud-splattered and bloody.

Tomorrow the hugely popular show – which is celebrating its 10th anniversary – returns to ITV for a sixth ­series.

Ten million fans should finally see grumpy Doc Ellingham, played by Martin Clunes, and long-suffering Louisa Glasson get hitched. But judging by the state of the gorgeous lace gowns, the course of true love is not going to go smoothly... even on their wedding day.

“When has it ever between these two?” jokes Caroline Catz, who plays Louisa, when the Sunday Mirror was invited ­behind the scenes.

“Last time they were getting married they jilted each other at the altar.”

Caroline explains the ­importance of getting the dress just right: “Viewers have waited a long time for this moment – ­really i­nvesting in this quirky love story. The dress needed to be perfect, and Les, the costume designer, and I searched everywhere. Then I was back home in Camden and I ­spotted this shop – I saw the most beautiful dresses.

“I dragged Les over and they were commissioned more or less on the spot.

“We were even able to build in thermal layers because we filmed the wedding in freezing April and I wasn’t just walking down the aisle, but staggering through a forest... don’t ask!”

The wedding itself was filmed in the pretty Norman church of St Nonna’s in Altarnun, near Bodmin Moor, in front of 150 extras. “We didn’t rehearse,” says Caroline. “I just walked into the church and there was a lovely gasp from the pews. It felt very emotional.”

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