Monday, September 30, 2013

Portwenn is Agog...Warning...Spoilers and Negativity

Portwenn is agog – Mrs Tishell, the overwrought pharmacist in a neckbrace whose morbid sexual obsession with Doc Martin led her to kidnap his baby son, is back in the village. She’s still in a neckbrace, but, apart from worrying an elastic band around her wrist (part of her treatment) she seems reformed and contrite. Louisa and Martin, though, aren’t so sure.

This series has exercised even die-hard fans, if RT’s letters page is anything to go by, with grumblings particularly about its lame farcical elements. There’s more damp comedy tonight in a couple of those Doc Martin sub-plots that can barely summon the energy to lift their heads from the pillow – dim PC Penhale goes all Bear Grylls on a survival exercise, and Al tries internet dating. You won’t need a map to follow where the stories lead… Meanwhile, Bert tries his luck with a lady.

Obsessive-compulsive Mrs Tishell returns to the village, and her affection for Martin quickly disappears when he refuses to pass her fit for work. As if he didn't have enough on his plate, the grumpy doctor must also face his fear of blood when tests show that Lorna has a high level of ferritin, which is placing a strain on her heart and liver. Meanwhile, PC Penhale hopes to be selected for an elite police squad by taking part in a survival training course - but ends up shooting himself in the foot.