Monday, September 2, 2013

British Comedy Guide - Martin Clunes Interview

Martin Clunes talks about being ill during the filming of Series 6 of the hit comedy drama, how the production has arranged a thank you gift to the people of Port Isaac for the loan of their picturesque village, and what we can expect from the latest episodes...

Talking about Port Isaac, the real-life location which doubles for Portwenn, Martin says: "For four months of the year we take over the village to make the series and we decided to give something back to the community for 'borrowing' the village for several months during the spring and summer and welcoming us each time, and putting up with us," says Martin. "So we are donating a percentage of the profits from the series to a special Trust Fund set up to benefit the community.

"Undoubtedly Doc Martin has changed the character of the village. It has done the business and tourist industry a lot of good, and brought people into the village. But with that comes the fact the locals lose a bit of peace some times. It felt we should give something back to the village.

"Port Isaac has changed dramatically since we first started filming in the village. On a fine day there are thousands of people who come to watch us. The number of people who come to see us now is phenomenal, particularly people from America."

A primary school in the nearby village of Delabole, which is used to film the classroom scenes for Portwenn School was also given a donation to create a nature trail, which Martin officially opened. "Local people have been very kind to us. When I returned to filming after a bout of illness early in the shoot people said some sweet things to me about hoping I was feeling better because they'd heard I had been ill.

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