Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Doc Martin Episode Three: Eileen Atkins shines in an episode focusing on Ruth’s new radio career and a potential secret admirer

During my review of last week’s Doc Martin I said that I felt Eileen Atkins should get a lot more screen time as Martin’s Aunt Ruth. Little did I know that this week would see Ruth take centre stage, as she finds success through her radio show before battling with a face from the past. I personally found it great having much more of Atkins, but at the same time it meant that I was slightly disappointed with this week’s subplots.

Unbeknownst to Ruth, her problems start when a man is found in a boat, presumably suffering from hypothermia. The man, later identified as Robert Campbell, is taken into see Martin who gets a little queasy while taking Campbell’s blood. Robert soon quizzes Martin about his surname and is seemingly interested in Ruth’s whereabouts. While Morwena is distracted, Robert sneaks out of the surgery and we later see him spying on an oblivious Ruth. Meanwhile Ruth is tempted back onto the radio by Caroline who is desperate to have an expert on the show who actually knows what they’re talking about. During her show, Ruth takes a call from Robert who asks her about what he should do about telling the woman he loves how he feels. Ruth instructs Robert to be upfront and tell the woman how he feels, but little does she know that she’s the woman in question. Robert is the man responsible for the rose left on Ruth’s car as well as the birthday cake that is delivered to her house. Ruth attempts to tell Martin about her theories regarding a secret admirer but he laughs them off. It’s only when he receives Robert’s blood tests that he connects his patient to his aunt, but it may be too late to stop him.

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