Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ITV’s Doc Martin featuring a B&B Wedding Dress

Tonight sees the return of ITV’s hit show Doc Martin to our screens. After 10 years filming and now in its 6th series, the show is loved by many worldwide and figures reached a whopping 10 million in their last series.

For avid watchers you may have seen photos in the press recently and already know about the impending nuptials of Doc and his long term girlfriend Louisa. Well, for even more avid viewers and B&B fans you may have taken a closer look at her wedding dress and recognise it slightly?!?! Yes. Its one of ours!
We were approached by Les, the show’s Costume Designer, and Caroline Catz {who plays Louisa} a few months back to create them a wedding dress for the show and we were thrilled to make {4} custom silk crepe Darcey Dresses.

Below is a selection of some of the press that the new series has generated this week alone and with a crazy variety of twists and turns planned in the episode {there will be blood, water and muddy woods amongst other perils!} we’ll be watching on the edge of our sofas!

Source: HERE