Monday, September 2, 2013

Pick of the Day: Doc Martin

DOC MARTIN looks like a bloke on the way to his own execution tonight as we kick off series six of ITV’s Cornish drama (9pm).

Turns out he’s actually on the way to his wedding, where he’s finally due to tie the knot with the lovely Louisa, the one I used to fancy until it dawned on me she looks like my sister-in-law, which kind of creeped me out.

The point, of course, is it wouldn’t be Doc Martin if everything went smoothly, so besides the Doc’s obvious discomfort at being part of such a public ceremony, you won’t be too startled when I tell you Louisa is nowhere to be seen.

Are they doomed never to get wed, this pair? Either way, I should warn you there’s a lot of blood in this episode, at least by Doc Martin standards (we’re not exactly talking Spartacus, I grant you) – plus a life-or-death drama before the end.

Source: HERE

Side Note: Is that the Doc Martin Online pic they've nicked?