Saturday, September 28, 2013

Episode Five - The Practice Around the Corner

Bert has romance on his mind, and Mrs Tishell returns... There’s an air of anxiety and trepidation looming over Portwenn this week, as both Martin and Louisa nervously await a certain resident to return to the village. Mrs Tishell has completed her course of treatment after she snatched baby James, and is back working in the pharmacy. Aunt Ruth pops in on behalf of Louisa to see how she’s coping, and it seems Mrs Tishell isn’t 100 per cent recovered from her episode just yet… Meanwhile, Al tries his hand at internet dating, with mixed results, Bert asks Jenny (Shameless’s Annabelle Apsion) out on a date – to his own restaurant! – and Pc Penhale embarks on a spot of ‘wilderness training’, which obviously proves to be a complete disaster!

Source: TV Guide