Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Doc Martin Series Six Episode Two : Martin Clunes continues to shine in a clichéd but enjoyable instalment of the comedy drama

So it seems that everybody loves Doc Martin as over a thousand of you read my review last week while the opening instalment was viewed by over 7 and a half million people. I feel the popularity of it is down to the familiar faces, setting and story which every week sees the grumpy titular doctor having to help the people of his small village with their various ailments. But, as tonight’s episode proved, sometimes the comedy in Doc Martin is a little clichéd and there were at least two stories tonight that I’ve seen on countless shows before.

The first of these involves the awkward dinner party in which the boss is invited round to dinner only for chaos to ensue. The boss in question is Dennis Dodds, head of governors at Louisa’s school, and the man she needs to impress if she wants to get the gym extension the school desperately needs. Responding to the fact his wife doesn’t think he can interact in social situations, Martin invites Dennis and his wife around to their house for dinner. This invitation just adds to the Ellingham’s problems as childcare has now become an issue due to both of the couple resuming their work. Initially they employ Mel, who apparently is the only person in the village who’ll do the job, but Martin doesn’t like the way that his new babysitter itches. When he examines her he finds that she has a rash under her armpits and puts it down to poor hygiene. However Martin starts to make cutting remarks about Mel’s weight and cleanliness, which eventually leads to her departure and sees Martin left holding the baby. When Mike returns to secure the electrics, Morwenna reveals how good he was with baby James and Martin agrees to let him have a go at being childminder. Mike’s trial as babysitter is a success and Martin admires his military precision when it comes to organising all the kitchen gadgets.

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