Saturday, August 31, 2013

Episode Two - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner SPOILERS!!

This little snippet is taken from What's On TV. I would have thought this information was embargoed until the 3rd of September,  but maybe they know something I don't. So, here it is - a bit about Episode Two - SPOILERS!

An attempt by the grumpy doc to be sociable ends in disaster when he invites Dennis Dodds, the chairman of the board of governors at Louisa’s school, over for dinner.

Louisa already considers Dennis to be a pain in the neck and when he and his wife, Karen, arrive for dinner looking like they have had a few drinks beforehand, the evening can only go from bad to worse, especially when Martin airs his views in the nursery while the baby monitor is on in the living room!

It is the culmination of a terrible day for Martin who is already in the dog house with Louisa, first for causing the new nanny to quit by telling her that her constant scratching is down to an infection common in fat people, and by then leaving James with Mike Pruddy who had only come to check the electrics!

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