Saturday, February 15, 2014

5Qs on Friday: Martin Clunes

For five seasons spread out over 10 years, actor Martin Clunes has descended on the fictional seaside town of Portwenn as its brusk but, deep down, loving and lovable Dr. Martin Ellingham on Doc Martin.

On the show, the doc is a one-time surgeon whose disdain for blood and gore had him hightailing it from the big city to the town where its quirky characters' ailments are often decidedly less bloody. But Doc Martin is much more than a comedy about an ill-mannered doctor. It's about a quaint town - in the real world, Port Isaac, Cornwall - that's so comfy cozy you just want to wrap yourself in it. It's about the townspeople who are nosy, but nosy because they care about their town and their neighbors.

And it's about a doctor whose bad temper can't mask his love for Louisa (Caroline Catz) and their baby son James.

Martin spoke with TVFirstLook about Doc Martin's sixth season starting in February, the doctor's wedding to Louisa - and their explosive honeymoon, and the likelihood of there being a seventh season.

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