Thursday, April 25, 2013

Filming Schedule

A fan on one of the discussions boards popped into Port Isaac and got a bit of information about the upcoming filming schedule. Here's what they had to say!

Filming on the first three episodes will take place as follows:

Fri 26 April 8am - 7pm - around the School Hotel and Halwyn House

Tues 30 April 8.30am -11am Fern Cottage, then Fore Street in the afternoon

Wed 1 May 8am - 7pm In morning near Port Gaverne Hotel, and in afternnon near Boat House stores

Thurs 2 May 8am - 7pm Port Gaverne,and the Edge Restaurant

Fri 3 May 8am -7pm Near the Pea Pod and Sibbys Rose Hill in the afternoon

Tues 7 May 8am - 7pm in and near Pride of Place all day

Thurs 9 May 8am - 11am Fern Cotage on Roscarrock Hill, then back in the studio.

Source: hatpeg